Our Capabilities

Signtalk has a wide range of capabilities, all under one roof. With one point of contact there is less for you to worry about, letting you focus on your next sale.

When you need every element to come together, we make it happen for you.

Design and Engineering

While you have the vision, we can flesh it out and make your vision a reality.

Combining our experience with Computer design and manufacturing software, we ensure that your installations are safe, compliant and eye-catching.

We can also assist by developing concept designs and presentation material to bring your project to life.

Design and Engineering

SiGNtalk Our Specialty

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Electrical assembly - Light boxes of all kinds, internal or external illumination, electrical installations or simply including a compliant, tagged plug and lead. With a licenced electrician on staff, it’s one less detail for you to organise.

  • Electrical assembly
    • Licenced Electrician
    • LED & fluorescent lighting
  • LED signage
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Metal Fabrication


Signtalk‘s metal fabrication and sheet metal shop can handle all of your Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium fabrication needs. From pylons to poster frames, tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Mild steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
    • 3000mm AMC Hydrabend PressBrake
    • 2500mm AMC Hydracut Guillotine

Stick, MIG & TIG welders

Painting and Surface Finishing Icon
Painting and Surface Finishing

Paintingand Surface Finishing

Finishes, from a simple coat of black or white to a colour match, or even a specialised patina are applied by our trade-qualified painter in our side-draft paint booth. We match colours, finishes and patinas to provide just the look you need.

Any graphics needed are fitted by our Sign writer. We can make them in-house using our CNC Vinyl Cutter, or fit graphics supplied by you. If needed, we can arrange full-colour prints from your artwork.

  • Side draft paint booth
  • Paint mixing & tinting
  • Special finishes and patinas
Cutting and Profiling Icon
Cutting and Profiling

Cuttingand Profiling

Signtalk has its own CNC router, laser cutter, and vinyl cutter to make light work of the cutting side of things. We also have a range of software packages to transform your artwork into the appropriate cut-files.

  • ProCam CNC Router 3600x1800 bed, with a maximum sheet size of 4000.
    • 6mm Aluminium; 6mm Brass; 50mm + MDF, timbers & Plastics
  • Hybrid 1390 1300 x 900mm Laser.
    • 2mm Stainless steel, 2mm mild steel, 25mm Acrylic / plastics.
  • Graphtec FC2100 Vinyl Cutter
  • Jaguar II Vinyl Cutter
Plastic Fabrication Icon
Plastic Fabrication


Plastic fabrication of acrylic letters, logos and complex shapes is a specialty. With a custom-built plastics oven, a range of specialised workshop equipment and skilled fabricators, Signtalk can successfully complete the most challenging assignments.

  • Custom made plastics thermoforming oven
  • Kirchfeld Panel Saw with Dust Extraction Unit
  • Line bender
  • Polishing
  • Channel Letter fabrication


Finally, Installation. Signtalk has installed almost everywhere - rural settings, roadsides, shopping centres, offices, walls, or on top of multi-story buildings. Let us help you with council approvals and compliance issues. We are experienced in dealing with the complexities that arise before and during installation to make this process easy for you.

  • Installation van
  • 4WD and 2WD Utes
  • Large flatbed trailer
  • Nifty 120T Trailer Mount Cherry Picker
  • Mobile Scaffold System
  • Augers & associated installation equipment

Send us your artwork and requirements for a quick quote.

Please note that we supply exclusively to the trade. If you need a full service retail signmaker, designer or branding agency we are more than happy to refer you to one of our clients.

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